Malaysian Resolution on Gaza

THE resolutions passed in the Malaysian Dewan Rakyat on the Israeli invasion of Gaza were:

  • TO strongly condemn the inhumane attacks by the Israeli regime on the Palestinian territory which resulted in the loss of lives of women, babies and the elderly and urge the full withdrawal of Israel from the Palestinian territory of Gaza.
  • TO urge the UN Security Council to compel Israel to stop its military attacks immediately and send in UN peacekeepers to maintain a ceasefire.
  • TO urge the UN to hold an emergency session on “Uniting for Peace” under Resolution 377a (v) and to urge the parties involved in the conflict to continue peace efforts and comply with UN resolutions on the Palestinian issue.
  • TO urge the parties involved to continue efforts towards the peace process as well as implement and adhere to the relevant resolutions adopted by the UN on the issue of Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • TO co-operate with the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Non-Aligned Movement, Arab League and other organisations to call for the upholding of the principles of international law and the UN Charter to address the conflict.
  • TO express the solidarity of Malaysians to the cause of the Palestinian people to create an independent and sovereign Palestinian state.
  • TO urge the Palestinians to unite to safeguard their rights and the establishment of an independent state.
  • TO appeal to the international community to immediately offer humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people in Gaza.
  • TO urge the UN General Assembly to immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Palestine to investigate and prosecute suspected Israeli war criminals involved in the brutal and aggressive acts on the Palestinian people.
  • TO transmit the resolution to all relevant legislature assemblies and parliaments, especially to the United States Congress, British Parliament and European parliaments.

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